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There is no better way to find out about Footloose Bhutan than by hearing it from the people who have traveled with us. Please read below to find how our guests describe their experiences with us.

Kristin Scott Thomas (actress)

With many thanks for a truly extraordinary trip to your country. I really appreciate your kind effort to arrange everything to make our holiday so interesting and full of fun. Take care…

Christina Siu (Hong Kong)

Thank you vey much for a great few days in this very special country. This is a very impressive trip among all. Everything in this country touch me, the people, the monks, the farmers, the dancers, the kids’ smile, even the street dogs (I love dogs!). I think Bhutan is the most beautiful country I visited so far, not only the landscape but more the people here and the attitude towards life and nature. You are also an extraordinary guide revealing the best part of this country to me. Sincerely wishing you very best and Bhutan continuously to be such a blessed country. Best regards.

Jean Wells (California)

You have given me such a wonderful journey of Bhutan and Buddhism but it was all much better being in your presence. I think of you and I think of peace. I will always think of you when I tell my many stories and share the pictures of Bhutan. Thank you for everything you made possible. I know it is a challenging job – but one you love. All the best.

Kay Gilbert (San Diego, CA)

I returned to the US just last night & am doing pretty well adjusting to the time change. While getting my “re-entry” tasks done today, all I could do is think about wonderful Bhutan. I already want to come back. I cannot say that about India, however. Though I learned much in India & met some very nice people, it’s nowhere as compelling as Bhutan. You led our group on the trip of a lifetime with unmatched elegance, skill, patience, & serenity. Thank you for this experience I’ll never forget.

MJ Sutcliffe (Florida)

Sandra and I both returned safely from our wonderful Bhutan trip and are settling back in to our lives in St. Petersburg. I want to thank you for your impeccable leadership during our trip. Your efforts to attend to our needs and provide a rich learning experience in Bhutan far exceeded my expectations. We have much to learn from the Bhutanese people and I feel that you personally demonstrated those Buddhist qualities of loving kindness toward others and interconnectedness that we need more of in the West.

Feruzi, Neela, Dilbur and Snehal (Mumbai)

On this our last evening in your majestic and beautiful country, we all would like to say “thank you”. You put this trip together for us, it was your thoughtfulness and concern for us that has been largely responsible for the wonderful time we have had over the past twelve days. You have provided us with the best. The best of arrangements for boarding and lodging, the best guide Tshewang and driver Gembo. We take back wonderful memories of your country and its people. We have been deeply touched by the kindness and graciousness of your people. Thank you for all you have done for us. We received royal treatment in a royal country.

Karen Lou (Hong Kong)


You have been a wonderful guide and caregiver to each of us. I thank you for all the loving kindness you have given us. My visit to Bhutan is very dear to my heart…
Thank you

Beverly Brandau (Maryland)

Dear Tashi,

You made the trip so comfortable. I’m encouraged to resume the international travel I have been missing.
Thank you

Sam and Kim Ashby


Thank you very much for your excellent guiding and education of our unforgettable first trip to Bhutan! Here’s hoping we’d meet you again for a longer Bhutanese adventure…Kind regards

Emily and Jill

Tashi and Sonam,

Thank you again and again for giving us your time, energy, amazing driving skills, and love for Bhutan during our trip. We leave with gratitude, knowledge and appreciation of Bhutan, and hopefully a little more compassion. Much of that is due to you! We wish you Tashi Delek, wisdom and peace…



Many thanks for a most memorable trip in Bhutan.

Casey Fromson (Washington DC)

To Tashi,

Over the last couple of weeks
You have showed us glorious peaks
Passes we might not have reached
If it were not for your steady feet
You were patient and kind
And never left Rob too far behind

For months you talked to Kay
Always a prompt response within a day
You got Lee on a horse
An image that still makes us laugh of course
Cows were a favorite of Sandy’s
Until you showed her yaks and gave her candy

In wizard Ted never counts on an ace
Because even you will take it with a smile on your face
For me this trip has been so much more
Than anything I could have hoped for
Your staff was great
Without them who knows our fate
And we may not eat chillies well
But we know one song and can recognize a horse’s bell

We had a million questions for you
And answers you almost always knew
Always quick to give a Bhutanese lesson
You were truly a blessing
Our trek is over for now
And we owe you the deepest bow
For as our guide you were the best
And deserve a good long rest

Tom & Patricia Ellison (California)


Many thanks to you Tashi for your patient and thoughtful manner. Also for all the kindness as you described your beautiful culture to all of us. You are a true blessing. Many thanks…