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Why Book with Us?

Why book with Embrace Bhutan?

  • 20 years of experience being one of the first to get license.
  • Where at a glance our itinerary may look similar to other operators we add unique touches like a meeting with government officials, authors, a dinner with dignitaries, a private prayer ceremony at a local family house or temple, school and farm house visit.
  • We frequently go out and inspect the quality of lodgings, which allows us to ensure that all of our tours are unsurpassed in quality.
  • We will take you to authentic local restaurants wherever possible, not to tourist traps that all serve the same food.
  • After we have chosen the restaurants, hotels, guest houses etc, we put them to the test by carefully monitoring our customer’s evaluations.
  • This continual review process ensures that we act quickly if our high standards are not maintained by our suppliers.
  • We believe when you compare quality and costs, we offer the best value for money for travel in Bhutan.
  • We strive to offer exceptionally good value but never cut corners or sacrifice quality to offer the lowest priced tours.
  • The satisfaction of our clients is very important to us.
  • Our senior management meets with each guest, to resolve any concerns and gain valuable feedback.
  • These dynamic interactions help us to continually improve our service, as new lessons are learned and ideas developed.
  • We provide our clients the most reliable and more personalized service rather than a larger agency that will give you only a small amount of attention.
  • We deliver what we promise and do not promise what we cannot. This makes us a synonym for reliability.
  • Yes, there are many Bhutan tour operators, but there are reasons why you may not want to book with them.
  • Scores of Bhutanese tour operators can book your trip, but many are new to the travel business and most are relatively unfamiliar with their would-be clientele. And few offer the best highlights and the best accommodations.
  • We aim at excellence in each aspect of your trip, in both the fundamentals and the small details.
  • Our role is to ensure that our guests can witness the country’s many fascinations and charms without being distracted by unnecessary hitches or avoidable discomforts.
  • Booking with other Bhutanese operators offering big discounts may save a few bucks, but it is a gamble.
  • Cheaper is not better because experience counts.